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For Homeowners

Keeping your family healthy is the most important thing you can do. If you have concerns about the environment they are exposed to, don't wait -- get tested today. Don't expose your family to dangers of mold. Why wait?

Safety: Part of providing a safe a secure environment for your family means thinking about things your parents never had to think about -- unseen toxins in your home.

Cost: Make sure your inspector has only your interests at heart. Many inspectors also do the work needed to remediate the problem ... More


Prevent costly remediation: Regular inspections insure that problems are remediated before they become costly, and protect your tenants from mold related health problems. More

For Remediators

Integrity: CCI operates with the highest integrity, in fact, this is Remediators: hire a partner with integrity.

Show your customers that your interests lie only with them by recommending an ethical inspection service. More

Get the Facts about Mold

Not all Mold spores are Toxic, How will you know? All dwellings have some sort of mold , in all colors- How do you know if it is Toxic, alergenic or hyper alergenic?

The simple answer is, No body knows, you can't tell by looking at it. It takes a professional with the proper instruments to collect and test samples before anyone can say for sure. Don't take a chance call in your inspector and get answers, you'll be glad you did! Continue Reading